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What our clients say...

'An excellent First Aid at Work course' - Jo.C (Ramboll UK)

'The paediatric awareness courses are brilliant for parents' - Clare.P (Bristol)

'This course has made me feel that I could definately step up when first aid is needed' - J.P (Willowbank Care)

'The trainers used great leadership and humour to deliver the material' - A.Thompson (East Bristol Partnership)

'Best first aid course I have ever been on!' - Valerie (South Glos)

'Autism Awareness course is really informative' - Shirley (Willowbank Care)

'My First aid course was excellent, I now feel much more confident in my skills. Well done to Cat and Carrie for an enjoyable day, I have learnt so much' - Wendy. P (Greatwood Stables)

'I have learnt so much from today, I will feel confident to use any of the skills we have been taught' - Hayley (Bristol)

'My staff and clients will really benefit from me being a qualified first aider, this was an outstanding course' - Lee (Transmission Tuition)

'I am a volunteer with children and have attended First Aid courses before, this was by far the best course I have ever been on, the trainers really know their stuff!' - Toni

'I will definatley send my staff to C squared for their first aid training again' - Mark. C (Bristol)



Employers are obliged to make adequate and appropriate first aid provision for their workforce.

All our team are fully qualified paramedics, so we don't just teach from text books, we teach from experience.

We offer standard, flexible or fully bespoke courses to suit any organisation.



Within small orgasisations, clubs or even at home, you never know when you may be faced with a medical emergency.

You want to help but do not have the skills.

We can offer you a flexible course to give you peace of mind.



We provide flexible courses for both carers and parents.

Child minders require qualifications appropriate to the ages of the children in their care.

Our courses meet the criteria defined by Ofsted and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).



We provide basic or advanced courses on specific medical conditions and their treatment.

Courses include:
     Wound Care